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Computer Hardware & Peripheral Software Solutions Computer hardware and peripherals rely almost entirely on their associated software for functionality and maintenance. The majority of these devices require one or more of the following computer software components: Firmware that is installed directly on the device to run it Device driver that is installed on the computer to enable it to interact with the device Software that is installed on the computer to enable the end user to manage the device Lore Technologies partners with computer hardware and peripherals manufacturers to develop the computer software solutions that will accompany these devices. This partnership enables clients to focus entirely on hardware R&D while ensuring that they are supported by high-quality software.

Our Focus - Computer Software support

Lore Technologies develops and supports computer software for the following areas:
Network , storage and value-added adapters and their protocols
USB devices
Printers and scanners
File system drivers

Our Computer Software Solution Capabilities

Network and Storage Adapters: NIC, HBAs, including value-added adapters (e.g., SSL accelerator cards), Wi-Fi NICs, audio/video encoder cards, DSP cards, TCP offload engine, USB-based devices
Protocols: IP IGMP, IPSec, DNS, RTCP, RTP, SDP, SNMP, SOAP, STUN, TLS/SSL, XMPP, iSCSI, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ATM, SHD/SONET, I/O virtualization & consolidation
Operating Systems & Kernels (Linux, Windows, Solaris): kernel programming, memory architecture, network and storage stacks, strong hold on ARM, MIPS, x86, PowerPC architecture & Assembly
Real-Time Operating Systems: VxWorks, Embedded Linux, RTLinux , Windows CE, Symbian, eCos, Nucleus, ThreadX
Microcode-Level Programming: DSP, audio/video processing, RTP processing, algorithms (LEC, Hilbert, LMS, PLL, Viterbi, etc.)
Processors: Intel IXP, Cavium Octeon, BIOS & Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
BSPs, boot loaders, file system drivers