Software Maintenance FAQ

Lore Technologies Software Maintenance ensures access to up-to-date product versions and security updates. With a valid Software Maintenance you can install any patch or version of Lore Technologies products released.

Why purchase Software Maintenance?

Access to the latest version of the product
Protection against the latest security threats
Take advantage of the newest technology available
No financial surprises when new versions are released

How Software Maintenance works

Initial license purchase comes with 12 months of Software Maintenance valid from the registration date.
Product version updates are free of charge with valid Software Maintenance. For sales in Russia, please be aware that product updates provided to a customer who has purchased a FSTEK-certified version of any Lore Technologies product may not be FSTEK certified.
Extend Software Maintenance period by 1 or 2 years in advance at any time.
Software Maintenance should be bought and registered before expiration.
When Software Maintenance is registered after the expiration date, the Software Maintenance period is extended by exactly 1 year from the expiration date.
Start date is the date when the product was originally registered via the Lore Technologies web page or in the productís administration interface.

What happens if my Software Maintenance expires?

It is still possible to use the product, but you will not be able to upgrade past the last version released when your Software Maintenance was still valid.
Integrated Anti-Virus versions will not receive new virus definition updates. Anti-Virus can still be used, but only with the last virus definitions released before your expiration date.
Lore Technologies Web Filter will stop working.
IPS/IDS engine in Lore Technologies Control will not receive new rule updates.
Expired Software Maintenance can be brought up to date by purchasing missed years.

We strongly recommend renewing your Software Maintenance to be protected from all security threats, including the newest and most dangerous ones. Software Maintenance Pricing

The cost of Software Maintenance for 1 year is 33% of the initial license price. User count increase and Software Maintenance

When you increase the number of users on your license, these additional users will be covered by Software Maintenance until the server product expiration date. How do I register my Software Maintenance?

After purchasing Software Maintenance, you will be given a registration key(s). You must register the key(s) either from the product or at our website.

If you received a single registration key which is the same as your original registration key, enter that in the first screen of the registration process and continue all the way through.

If you received a series of keys (none of which is your original key) you should enter your original key in the first screen of the registration process and in the next screen add the newly purchased registration keys. Can I change or move a registered license to another system?

In some cases, you may wish to upgrade hardware or change operating systems. The license may be registered to another system, and any updates to the registration (e.g. operating system) will be performed during registration. Before registering a license on a new system, you must remove the license from the previous server by either uninstalling the software or taking the system permanently offline. Are there any limitations to the software with a trial license?

All software versions of Lore Technologies products are available as a fully functional 30 day trial for unlimited users. This includes add-on services such as the Sophos Anti-Virus and the Lore Technologies Web Filter. When the 30 day trial expires, a valid license must be installed via the Administration interface to resume functionality.