Technology is changing at the speed of light every now and then. Therefore your worries about the business tools becoming obsolete and outpaced is justified!

Lore Technologies' Software Re-engineering Process solves all your business snags in coordination with your business process in a competent way. Re-engineering is a course of action in which an analysis of existing software system is done and due modifications are carried out to constitute a new form. The concept of reverse-engineering aims at understanding the functionality and implementation of existing software, and re-implementing the newer version, to improve the system’s functionality and performance. Since considerable time and money is invested in setting-up the legacy systems of your enterprise, its replacement cost is also high. Hence, re-engineering is often a better choice.

Lore Technologies has the resources, tools and expertise that assist you in the process of enhancing, upgrading, migrating, or recovering applications, software and information system of your enterprise.

We offer affordable solutions that help you achieve your business and IT objectives at minimum cost. Our team can handle the application re-engineering as well as migration re-engineering projects involving database changes from one platform to another, technology up-gradations, user interface conversion etc. Our specialized skills in this domain have facilitated several technology companies in transforming their products into newer technologies.

At Lore Technologies, we provide the unremitting software engineering services that include:

Analyzing -- The customer’s existing applications are looked at carefully for re -engineering;
Identifying – Spot out a strategic solution that involves defining the target architecture;
Executing – Executing the project using reverse engineering and forward engineering;
Implementing – The solution and transition of the system are put into action through data migration, system testing, user training and support.

You can stay focused on your core line of work while we provide you with solutions concerning re-engineering. You can get the following benefits by partnering with Lore Technologies:

In minimizing the cost of writing a system from ground up by using functionality of the legacy application;
In enhancing the business value of new application by replicating the critical data and business logic;
In ensuring continuity of key business processes;
In increasing system reliability and end-user satisfaction.

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